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  • Jenine Dillon
    I was amazed at the professionalism and hard work displayed by GayLord and his team. When the sale was over they made sure that my home was restored to normal and everything was back in its proper order…
    Jenine Dillon
  • Dr. Charles Leinenweber
    I am writing this letter GayLord Estate Sales, who did a wonderful, sensitive job for me in organizing and conducting the sale of my Aunt’s large collection of antiques and estate items…
    Dr. Charles Leinenweber
  • Mark Waxman
    It’s not quite as white and black as there are givers in this world and there are takers, but you stand very close to the front of the line of givers. My shyster and son and I were so impressed with your sensitivity…Knowledge…and efficiency…
    Mark Waxman
  • C.J. Hirschfield
    I wanted to thank you again for all of the wonderful work you did for my father and me. I truly don’t know how we could have accomplished this move without you, and you were such a joy to work with every step of the way…
    C.J. Hirschfield
  • Shaida Munni, Mississauga
    I am big thank for Salon Jason & Michael, was located in Square One Mall Mississauga  who used your services in past and forward your company info, to us. I am very happy used your services as we have huge clothing, furniture, equipment, and you guys mange fantastic content sale on Saturday and return big revenue.
    Shaida Munni, Mississauga
  • Louisa Mike
    I am very surprise that I didn’t have to throw anything in garbage you even sold our old garbage bins and 30 years old grandma tv which I really surprise me your company is amazing.  Once again thank you so much.
    Louisa Mike
  • Betty Benson
    Ray Memon (GayLord) Many thanks for the outstanding job you and your staff did at the recent Estate Sale. You did everything you promised. Truly amazing in today’s world…
    Betty Benson
  • Michael Luis, Toronto
    I used Gaylord estate and content sale services, to sell my almost new furniture Electronics  Persian Rugs, what a Imagine service everything he sold in just few hours, I love you ray and recommended to everyone.
    Michael Luis, Toronto
  • Jenny Ray
    Thank you for all your assistance on my matter. Your knowledge, expertise, and professionalism went a long way towards making a very complicated sale so much easier. I would happily use your services in the future and would be pleased to recommend you to others. With many many thanks.
    Jenny Ray
  • Noel Fernandez
    What a super surprise to receive your call today. When Bill & I just met you, we felt a kinship that made us comfortable with you selling our pized possessions…
    Noel Fernandez
  • Betsey R. Radley
    There is no way that I can express my gratitude the manner you hand my stepmother Dora GayLord estate sale in north York.
    Betsey R. Radley
  • Vivian Jose, Toronto
    Thank you, Gaylord Estate Sale You sold all our stuff very smoothly and your staff amazing, we always love your services and recommend to everyone. Thanks again,
    Vivian Jose, Toronto
  • Anita W
    Hello GayLord Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. I truly dreaded the matter of emptying my father’s house…
    Anita W
  • Mimmo John.
    GayLord Staff I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. Your organizational skills, extensive knowledge and experience were evident leading up to our contents sale and were proven very effective on the days of the sale. The number of people who attended was absolutely incredible. We have never seen so many people!!! You and your team are so easy to work with. I admire your integrity, honesty and your timely deliverables. I was able to go to work every day knowing everything was in your capable hands. Thank you and I trust we will be in touch again.
    Mimmo John.

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